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Planning a Comeback can be hard

Planning a Comeback can be hard

So, its this topic. Again. Maybe this time I can force myself to work through issues and the likely slow start. Let’s talk getting back into Content Creation, Observations, and Plans.

So, up until now every time I tried to get (back) into Content Creation, I tried to solely go at it through the Streaming side of things. In hindsight, that was stupid. Very stupid. Of course, its not easier getting seen on Youtube, at all. However, having an active presence on Youtube will likely end up being a net positive since, as a Euroboy, my Stream times are not favouring viewership from across the pond too terribly much. If I start around 6pm CET, that’s Noon on the East Coast, and 9am on the West Coast – Simply not all too feasible for the biggest market.

Youtube can help to alleviate some of that and getting more eyes on my content by being less time-sensitive and easier for me to schedule for that market, seeing as Youtube is a VOD service and I have the luxury of recording and editing ‘whenever’. Thusly, the plan is to split up the week: Dedicate some part of the the week, likely Mon-Thu, to Youtube / VOD content and the weekend, Fri/Sat in particular, to streaming. Streaming on the weekends allows for me to also stream until later at night to catch some of that US-Viewership!

Home, Sweet Home – But, where exactly?!

For VOD content, I think it is obvious it’ll find its home on Youtube. There is really no alternative for this one that has even a fraction of the market-power Youtube has.

For Live content, on the other hand, I think things are not, indeed, as simple. Twitch might be the major player here, but there have been developments recently that have let to people losing trust in the platform and I would say that the Twitch folks have burned a lot of goodwill with some of those developments. Twitch has, for the first time in a long time, also lost MAU in Q1 2019 which, given Twitch’s sheer size might not be a red flag immediately but I prefer to be a little overcautious.

The alternative would be Mixer. The platform has really come along since the early days of Beam and has grown significantly. Sadly their MAU is still only a fraction of Twitch’s with Battle Royales and other FOTM games getting the lion’s share of views. There is also a super huge console community which, while in and of itself a super swole thing, is not necessarily the kind of audience interested in the kinds of games I’d be streaming.

Overall visibility and discoverability is equally bad, and while Twitch has more active Users, it also has a lot more problems with a recent example being embedded pre-rolls which hurt discoverability, and community building / networking via hosting and raiding others. Active User numbers, and overall demographic certainly favor Twitch but I feel like it could be easier to make an impact on a smaller platform like Mixer. As for monetization, as Mixer is a possibility I don’t plan on using Twitch’s affilitation and instead rely on Tips, whether it’ll be through a 3rd party or Paypal directly, and probably a Patreon and without guaranteed transcodes the main argument for affiliation is off the table, anyways. Mixer’s Partnership requirements are, in my humble opinion, easier to obtain than Twitch’s as 2000 Followers are easier to achieve than 75 average concurrent viewers.

Restream is not really an option, as I want some chat interaction and the logistics in having both chats know what’s going on in the other is too much of a hassle for me, and I don’t want a silly overlay sitting on top of gameplay.

Time is money, friend!

There’s science about when to how much stuff on what platforms. You do not want to overwhelm people, but you also want consistency. Fridays and Saturdays will, for sure, be Streaming days, so I don’t want to release (gameplay) videos on these days. This leaves me with Sun-Thu for VOD and potential other forms of content. I am usually not home on sundays and my ability to react to unforseen errors generally is impaired so I don’t want regular videos to release on sundays, which leaves me with 4 days for regular VOD content.

I’d love to make slightly longer videos, 30 minutes to around an hour, without too much editing – Of course some touching up and removing dead air and boring stuff will happen. Now, potentially having to have prepared four one-hour-long videos every week, in addition to the Streams and potential other Content is, once again, a logistical nightmare. The amount of videos I’d have to have backlogged is staggering at up to 19 hours a month. It amounts, probably, to 30-ish hours of playing plus editing and rendering. I’m currently contemplating going for two video releases each week with the potential to add another one and having a one-off slot on sundays, when it is needed. Likewise, at the start of a series I could see myself scheduling 4 videos a week for the first two weeks to gain some momentum. I just think that would be the most flexible option I currently have.

Content is King. No, really!

Which brings us to the last thing I need to sort out, Content! What kind of content thrives better as a VOD, what is better for livestreaming? Is there a definitive answer? I am going to be honest here, I don’t really have an answer to this. Of course, everything with lots of Dead Air lends itself to the VOD format to condense everything down to the action and cut out all the boring inventory management, traveling and waiting for stuff to finish but wouldn’t that be fine on Stream (every once in a while) as well, because it allows for more interaction and just chit-chatting?

But wait, there’s one more thing still?!

Yeah, I totally lied to you. I would love your input. What content would you like to see on Youtube, what on Stream? What Streaming platform would you prefer? Would you be willing to take a chance together with me if I ended up deciding on using Mixer? Let me know on Twitter or Discord, so I can tailor this not only to my thoughts but to your input as well! And while I am not quite there yet – Once the content starts rolling, please hold me accountable if I mess up! Bug me about missing video releases or Streams, be (a little) obnoxious, show me I did a bad. I promise I’ll try my best, but we all know that one’s best might not always be good enough and a kick in the buttocks can help!

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