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Content Plans

Content Plans

Having a plan, a strategy, in place is important . So lets talk about what Content will likely work better for which form of delivery and whether other forms of content can support the endeavour.

VOD / Youtube Content

This is where a plethora of content will go. Basically everything that has to be edited or would work better with additional graphics, sounds and so on. This ranges from One-Off overview videos about upcoming and recent releases to reviews to (maybe) opinion pieces to longer form content like Let’s Plays and Playthroughs. As one can imagine, this is likely going to be the main hub for content, with a potential second channel for Stream VODs.

In terms of Genres and Games it’d make a lot of sense to put up survival- and exploration-heavy games, as those can have lots of dead air which would not make for great streams. Furthermore, games with relatively short session lengths, so most roguelikes, would probably find their home on the Youtubes, as the VOD concept kind of favours shorter session length.

Live Content

Live Content, in other words, Streaming, will work a little different. Here, the focus should be on games that offer more action, are highly creative and/or allow interaction from/with the community. Of course, there is nothing that would prohibit me from streaming anything that falls under the VOD-Umbrella, should that desire arise. The main focus, however, should be on community interaction.

Game choices will further be influenced by the streaming platform I will end up using. There are games that have integrated support for Twitch and games that have integrated support for Mixer. Those would, obviously, be prime candidates for streaming.

Other Content

Video Content aside, there are some more forms of content I either aleady have set up or could set up within a reasonable timeframe. The first, of course, would be this Blog. Video Reviews are swell, but more often than not, I personally prefer a short, concise, written Review and some links to gameplay footage. The blog is also a place where I could put opinion pieces, granted people would like to read my ramblings about a multitude of gaming-related and -adjacent topics.

And then there’s what I’d call “The best of both Worlds”, namely Podcasts. Could be as simple as me reading Blogposts or as complicated as prattling with other Content Creators about, well, everything gaming and content creation.

Both Blogposts and ‘Podcasts’ would be infrequent, given they rely on games (Releases), and would make most sense during, or at the end of a Let’s Play, or they rely on each other, in the case of an opinion piece, for example. Seeing as getting a proper Podcast off the ground would likely require a co-host and guests, I’d say that planning those in regularly right now just isn’t feasible as I do have neither a co-host nor guests and would likely not be able to bring on too many given my relatively small reach at this time.

The possibilities, however, are intriguing. Interviewing Devs before launch would be particularly interesting to me, but I do know that not everyone is interested in geting to see ‘behind the curtains’, so to speak. Other kinds of interviews or the aforementioned possibilities might be a bit better for consumers?

All in all, I want to have some distinction between On-Demand and Live Content, by being smart about what kinds of games to show of where and how, with some smart support via Text and Audio content, where applicable. The big secret to Content Creation, in my humble opinion, seems to be to diversify from Day 1. Doing just one or the other is stupid. Using Youtube only as a Stream-VOD archive with some Highlights and Highlight-Reels sprinkled in is equally as stupid. I do have a lot of possible venues so, as long as I don’t burn myself out on trying to create mountains of content for all venues at once, it should be a relatively smart thing to do.

The Preview

You’ve made it until here, so I’d love to reward you! I’ll let you in on some secrets that will roll around soon-ish!

For Youtube, there is a One-Off (or Two, even) planned for Snowtopia. The kickstarter will be soon and I’d love to help create some buzz. Then there’s Starcom: Nexus, which is currently in Early Access. Its quite interesting and I’d like to show the game off a bit. And then there’s the upcoming Sigma Theory by Mi-Clos Studio and Studio Goblinz which releases April 18th which lends itself more to On-Demand than Streaming so that series is planned to start in the week prior at the latest.

For Streaming, I am looking at Parkitect as a Creative Outlet. Dead Cells and (IIRC) Slay The Spire have Twitch Integration so those would be very interesting, should I choose to remain on Twitch. Other titles that allow for interaction would be colony simulations like Rimworld where colonists could be named after Viewers or any other games that would allow for some form of interaction like that. If you have any suggestions, I am always open for those.

As for ‘supportive’ content, I’d like to write a Review for Sigma Theory once I got sufficient playtime for one as well as an opinion piece or two about the whole PC-Storefront/Exclusivesness/Steam-kills-indies situation. It might be interesting to maybe have audio versions done for the opinion pieces, as well, but no promises here.

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