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General Information

General Information

Hey there folks!

This is just a quick post to let you know what the blog is going to be about and how it might interact with other stuff I have going on and how often you should expect stuff. So, buckle up and lets go!

First and foremost, the obvious bit. This Blog is all about video games. I am an avid gamer and I want to share my enthusiasm for the hobby like oh-so-many others while also giving some exposure to games that might have fallen by the wayside for some reason. There’s dozens of games being released every day now, and keeping track has never been harder. You will find Pre- and Reviews of Indiegames on here, as well as Updates and general News on Indie Games. Every so often, there might be an opinion piece about a topic related to gaming, streaming or creating content, as well.

I also have a Steam Curator Page as well as Mixer and Youtube Profiles. In addition to that, I am working on a comprehensive list of upcoming Indie Releases you can, for example, find on Twitter. Long-term plans for this is to turn it into a proper website and have it become the one-stop-shop for your Indie-discovery needs. I am still at the very beginning of that project, though.

As someone who creates gaming content, I do, of course, have contacts in the Industry. My aim is to provide objective, good┬áreviews and not let those contacts interfere with my processes or try to influence my judgement. I also do get quite a few Press- and Review-Keys, so you can assume that, unless it is stated different, I was provided with a key free of charge. I will also disclose any paid, or otherwise ‘enticing’ incentives to review games.

I am currently in University and working part-time, so with my Indiegameslist project the blog, and enjoying hobbies that aren’t Video games, I need to carefully allocate time and usually just go with the flow, so please don’t expect regular posts on the blog. that being said, my personal goals include getting at least two (P-)Reviews out every month, so please look forward to that!